Redwood Practical Shooters


Special notice:

Ken Dexter, the area SOI will be holding a class to certify IDPA Safety Officers on September 15th, 2024. If you are interested in becoming a Safety Officer (and have been a current IDPA for at least a year)  go to and review their info about becoming a Safety Officer, then to get signed up for the class, send an email to Ken  click here.

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding CCW classes this year – the first one will be the last weekend in March. It will be a combined Basic and Renewal —  Use this link to see all the CCW classes being offered:

Redwood Practical Shooters is an officially recognized and affiliated club with the International Defensive Pistol Association, IDPA and is an affiliated National Rifle Association club. All range rules contained in the official IDPA Rulebook shall be in full effect at all times. Club policy shall not contravene IDPA rules. For more detailed information see IDPA web site. Local policy that enhances good tactics may be enacted by the membership, if there is no conflict with IDPA rules. Example: Pistol cut outs are to be used on all scenario stages for threat identification, but are not used on standard exercises.

Our shooting range is located among the trees and a great place to enjoy some time outdoors among friends and family. You are invited to join us from March through October. Come and just watch if you like. Eye and ear protection are required. New shooters are required to attend one of our safety classes before participation.

New Shooters for information and signup to participate in one of our matches we require you take our Introduction To IDPA Safety Class Click Here

Sometimes we have other assorted matches during the week. Click Here to see our schedule or you can email us with your questions.

Redwood Practical Shooters (RPS) is a local club on the Mendocino Coast of California. We are located near the towns of Fort Bragg, Caspar, and Mendocino. We are affiliated with the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA). Weather permitting, we hold monthly pistol matches from March through October. We run our matches for safety first, with a great group of men and women shooters of all ages and skill levels. We come together once a month to practice, share tips, and compete on a friendly basis.

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