Redwood Practical Shooters is an officially recognized and affiliated club with the International Defensive Pistol Association, IDPA and is an affiliated National Rifle Association. All range rules contained in the official IDPA Rulebook shall be in full effect at all times. Club policy shall not contravene IDPA rules. For more detailed information see IDPA web site. Local policy that enhances good tactics may be enacted by the membership, if there is no conflict with IDPA rules. Example: Pistol cut outs are to be used on all scenario stages for threat identification, but are not used on standard exercises.

Fees for Matches and Membership
RPS Annual membership fees of $75.00 are due at the first match of the year.
This would normally be the March Classifier. For those folks that may miss the March Classifier Membership Fees should be paid in full by the May Match.

Redwood Practical Shooters Membership Fee Schedule
Individual Club Membership: $75 for the current calendar year.
Active Military, and Law Enforcement are invited to participate in our matches as our guest.
You can send a check to:
Redwood Practical Shooters (RPS) P.O. Box 2021, Fort Bragg, Ca., 95437.
Membership Dues ($75 plus each family member $25).

Family Club Membership: $75 plus $25 for each additional family member Family Membership shall consist of: A Married Couple Two Persons who are involved in cohabitation on a full time basis. Children, Grandchildren, Nephews, Nieces, who are under 21.

Match Fees: RPS Member $10 • Non-Member $20
Please note: You do not have to be a current member of RPS to shoot a match with us, but you must be a paid-up member of the International Defensive Pistol Association • http://www.idpa.com.

CCW Fees:
Basic CCW class: RPS Member $75 • Non-Member $100
CCW Renewal: RPS Member $25 • Non-Member $50
Additional Gun: RPS member FREE Non-Member $10

Redwood Practical Shooters Matches
Regular Match Schedule: will be the weekend of the Second Sunday of the months of March, April, May, June, July, August, September and October. Any conflicting holiday or event will also be taken into consideration. The board will make up the annual match schedule usually during the month of February of the current year. Be sure to check the schedule page as adjustments are made for any and all conflicting holidays or other events that may occur during the current year.

Twilight Match Schedule: will be made up by the board and will be adjusted as needed.

Rim Fire (.22) Match Schedule: will be made up by the board and will be adjusted as needed.

Multi Gun Match Schedule: will be made up by the board and will be adjusted as needed.

Classifier Matches: are scheduled for the first match in March and one of the Regular Match dates later in the season. The first Classifier Match will not be scored as a trophy match for award points. One re-shoot may be allowed for your Classifier after all shooters have finished.
Those shooters who are late arrivals, or early to from a departure scheduled match, may be integrated in to the flow at the discretion of the Match Director.

Redwood Practical Shooters RPS Official Meetings:
The end of the season Fun Shoot Awards Bar-B-Que shall be the time to elect new officers and to conduct new business if necessary. Members will be notified in advance of the time and place of any additional meetings. All current active members are invited to participate.

The Board of Directors will meet routinely the second Tuesday of every month during the shooting season (March to October). Members of the club are invited to attend these meetings. The Board of Directors Meetings will be scheduled at the beginning of the year at the time of the scheduling of the regular events. The location of the meetings can vary depending on several factors.

Special Board Meetings: may be called at other times as situations arise that require Board actions.
The President may call a General Meeting of the membership at other times during the calendar year when issues emerge that a vote of the membership may be required. Once again email notification of date, time and location will be the normal ways of notification in order to insure participation by as many members as possible.

Newsletters and General Announcements:
Disseminating of RPS Club information will be conducted via e-mail. Most information will be posted on the web site as time constraints allow. If you do not get e-mail then it is suggested that you make arrangements with those that do in order to get your club information in a timely manner.

Redwood Practical Shooters New Shooters: ALL New Shooters will complete the Safety Class prior to shooting with the club. Those shooters that have experience in other shooting disciplines or law enforcement may be allowed to compete if the Chief Safety Officer feels his/her shooting safety and handling skills are sufficient. This decision is the Exclusive Authority of the Chief Safety Officer. This requirement does not apply to current IDPA members from other locations.

NOTE: Please DO NOT:
invite your friends or family members to shoot a match until they comply with this policy. They will not be allowed to shoot until this requirement is met.

For Complete Club Bylaws and Policies Click Here

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